Mt. Hood at Sunset

Mt. Hood at Sunset
Psalms 121 "I will lift my eyes to the hills. Where does my strength come from? My strength comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip; he who keeps you will not slumber."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Made It!

Unbelievable three days! Never been so worn out. Stace and I both made it up and down safely but we are both exhausted. Started the summit day at 1am with 3000 ft of roped in climbing to the summit followed by a 9000 foot descent. Think I may lose a couple toenails and my legs are shot but God showed up and got us through. Many thanks to all who prayed for and supported us. Took some incredible photos and have some great stories that I am looking forward to sharing but right now can only update on the phone without pictures and I am fading in and out of sleep as I type. Check back on the blog in a couple days. Look forward to seeing many of you when we return to Cape on Sunday. Tonight it's on to Branson to pick up the kids from Kanakuk. Thanks again to all!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Descent from Hood

Had quite a bit of trouble formatting last night's entry, that along with fatigue led me to cut the session short. Have a few more photos from the descent below. The descent was actually quiet interesting because the temperature rose quite rapidly causing the snow to soften considerably and the wind also picked up quite a bit. (about 50mph at times)

A cocky Stacy and a relieved John safely down just below the dangerous portion of the summit.

Beautiful sunrise for our descent

Stacy feeling good and glad to be heading down.

Halfway down in front of Illumination Rock

John with guide, also named John, as weather turns bad. Couldn't have asked for a better leader for our trip.

Stacy no longer as happy as winds pick up to about 50mph

Mood improves as cloud lifts and winds die down. At this point we were able to switch from hiking boots to skis and the descent was much more fun.

Stacy heading for home and the hot tub.

Looking back up at the impressive storm we had just come through, totally obscuring the mountain above.

John enjoying a "post-hike" dip in the timberline lodge pool with Mt Hood in the background.

The swim marked the end of a fantastic day. Highlight was the dramatic turnaround of the weather on top. We went from total white out with a forced turnaround to clear skies with a summit in about 15 minutes. Many thanks to my buddies in small group, Jimmy, Mike, Greg, Chris and Greg, for their prayers that turned the tide for us. As we were sitting on the Hogsback, waiting for the weather to clear, they were back in Cape at "My Daddy's Cheesecake" at our usual Thursday morning meeting. I sent them a text for them to pray for a break in the clouds and the next thing you know it was a go. As my friend Jerry Stone wrote in his comment, "If the Lord takes you to it, He'll get you through it."

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hood Summitted!

Sorry for the delayed post! Big storm at the lodge and all the internet access was lost. Fantastic and dramatic day on the mountain with many moments of doubt but in the end we were able to summit! Experienced sun, rain, snow, whiteouts, mushy snow and rock slides to make for an unforgettable day. Started at 2:30am and made summit at 6:30 in a complete whiteout. Have added several photos of the climb. Today we are in Portland doing laundry and resting up for the Rainier climb on Monday.

2am departure makes for a dark and cold start to the day

Trying to catch a glimpse of the summit

Starting to lighten up as we approach the ridge know as the "Hogsback"

Several climbers gather at the Hogsback as the guides decide whether or not to press on.

John standing atop the Hogsback. Very cloudy and windy. Texted my buddies at this point who were meeting for small group and asked them to pray for clearing as our guide was telling us we couldn't go up due to poor visibility. We told him whatever he thought but wanted to wait a few more minutes.
Same spot 15 minutes later. Unbelievable how quickly the clouds broke. Guide decided to press on at this point up the steep chute in the middle of the photo. Toughest part of the climb by far.

Photo from the summit. Clouds moved back in as we reached the top. No view but thrilled to make it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tonite is the Night!

Safe arrival for John in Seattle on Monday night. Stace's flight got cancelled due to weather so John spent yesterday exploring Seattle by foot. Highlight of the day was Pike's Place Market, a large open air market packed with fresh fish, produce flowers and artwork. Very interesting place, John put together a picnic made up of smoked salmon, Rainier cherries, smoked cheese, fresh bread, chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of Washingtom state wine. Picked Stace up at the airport and we had the picnic on the beach.

After the picnic and a nice nap, headed south to Mt. Hood and on the way caught our first glimpse of Mt. Rainier. Both mountains looked dramatically bigger in real life than in photos. Stayed last night at the base of Mt Hood at the Timberline Lodge, a beautiful, rustic national park lodge built in 1937. Great view of Mt Hood out the window. Spent today with our guide learning rope, ice axe and crampon skills. Lots of fun and not nearly as difficult as we expected.

Tight quarters in the old lodge and lots of equipment make for crowded conditions! Had dinner at 3:30 and spent the next couple of hours packing up for the 1:30am departure. Hoping to get in a good nap prior to leaving. Strange timeframe but much easier and safer climbing conditions early in the morning. Hoping to be back to the lodge in time for lunch. Forecast is calling for a chance of rain or snow so could be an exciting night. Our guide has been up the mountain 62 time with no injuries so we are feeling pretty good. Pray for good weather! Hope to report a successful summit tomorrow afternoon!